Hello there, what's your story?

Everyone has a great story to tell. It is a primal urge, reaching back to when tribes sat around the fire and learnt of their ancestors’ heroic deeds from a wise elder – the storyteller.

Today, the tribe has grown, gone global, and with it countless inspiring stories. So how do you tell yours and make it stand out? – You show it. This is where I come in - pleased to meet you, I’m Andre.

Video storytelling is my passion. I make documentaries, promos, crowdfunding videos, event videos, you name it. I also teach video shooting, lighting and editing to businesses and at university; and can help companies procure new video kit. But enough about me, let's talk about your audience.

  • Your audience is busy and would much rather watch a video than read from a website. In fact, they already favour video over online search and even Facebook! (source)
  • Your audience is mobile - 53 percent watch video on the go via mobile devices.
Let's make a video, but not just any video!
To compete with 100 hours of video uploaded onto YouTube every minute, you need more than a
speech on camera intercut with some nice pictures. You need a memorable, inspiring, visual story. No templates, no blueprints, just good old visual storytelling. Would you like to see it?