Dilemmas in Suicide Prevention (2019) - documentary written and directed by Andre Brito

Hello there, what's your story?

Whether it is a small team presentation or an inspiring award ceremony, an intimate short documentary portrait or a series of educational videos, there is a human story waiting to be shown. Sure, blog posts are informative and podcasts are engaging, but video is immersive. People love watching other people doing things

What if THE EVENT isn’t that “interesting”?

That’s where I come in. Pleased to meet you, I’m André. I make it my business to show that great story you have played in your head, talked about in that meeting and pitched to the guardians of your budget. I'll bring the "interesting" to the screen. No templates or tacky effects. Every video is an original piece of work.

How much?

Probably less than you think, but instead of an hourly-rate sheet, why don’t I answer with the detail and attention it deserves?  - Please get in touch for a quick, no obligations free quote.