I am an East Midlands-based videographer with an MA in Documentary, experience in journalism, advertising and teaching. I can work solo to meet smaller budgets, or put together a production team of professionals, up to three cameras, professional sound and lighting. This team covers the Midlands and most of the South West, but arrangements can be made for other locations.

This is a flexible and
solution-focused team. We know that your story is unique, which is why your briefing is our mantra - not a pre-determined template. We strive to make a different, better video each time.

Technical information
We shoot mainly on Canon XF305, and can add a Canon XH A1, a GoPro action camera and a
Canon 700D DSLR. There is on-camera LED lighting for ENG-type coverage, and a 3-point studio light kit for more stylish interviews. Final Cut Pro is our main editing software, with Lightworks being often used for web video content.

We are also currently working on our debut observational documentary feature/series, produced by Green Gaia Films.

The image on the left is just a teaser, but watch this space as things will start happening soon. And if you would like to know more about it, just drop us a line.